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The Prints, the Shop

As an architectural designer and conceptual artist, I collect photographic images almost by habit. It's a practice of memory, but also one of joy, and I've done it for as long as I can remember.

I live on the California coast, where the natural landscape is so gorgeous it's almost out of this world. Even tiny seaweed sprouts that wash up on the shore gleam like diamonds in the sunlight—it's all just gobsmacking.

I try to capture some of that beauty in my art practice, working mostly with still life and macro lenses, blowing tiny things up at a large scale, in a form of visual celebration.

An artist friend once mentioned that she would never hang her own work on her walls, until one day she did, and it felt like a guilty pleasure. I took some of my own canvases out of storage and hung them up all over. I moved them around to see what they feel like in the different spaces. 

I started to print images I shoot at the beach, some I post on Instagram, some that my friends like, and I hung them up everywhere, too. So much for minimalism. 

Then I started to share them. One friend said that her print made her so happy, it was like being reminded with every glance of a little bit of heaven as she passed by it throughout her day. That made my day. It’s true that whatever you have on your walls profoundly affects your state of mind; it makes sense to hang things that make you feel wonderful.

Now I am sharing them with you. Select one or two that you love; they come in a range of sizes. All our fine art prints are made with archival inks on fine art papers, and offered in limited editions of 25.

I like living with them for a while, moving them around now and again.

I know you will, too.